NAME, COLLEGE, YEAR OF STUDY: Samiksha Rajendra Patni,1st Year, ILS Law College, Pune


ADDRESS:   KrantiChowk, Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

DURATION: 10.12.2019 to 24.12.2020 [2 weeks]

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:I applied through a friend who was already interning there and I got a call back within a day. However for application you have to mail your CV along with an application to the official E-mail Id:

MAIN TASKS:The NGO was founded by Mrs.Resham Bam in the year 2018. The organisation works towards spreading awareness about sexual harassment at workplace and educational institutions by conducting Interactive sessions with Parents and Teacher to identify symptoms of sexual harassment and how to address them through Effective Parenting Techniques. It also looks into the legal aspects of it. However as I was a 1st year student I didn’t get the opportunity to work in that department. The NGO is at ainitial stage with a relatively small team,hence I got the opportunity to work directly under Mrs.Resham Bam. I was asked to research on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 and prepare a simplified presentation on it. The internship included a lot of field work too where I was asked to go to various educational institutions to convince them to let us have a session in their Institute. I also got the opportunity to talk to various local and national media houses like AM News, Lokmat, TV9 Marathi and AajTak to cover our story, of which AM News and TV9 Marathi agreed. Me and my team also organised a gig in order to raise money for the cause. I was also asked to write articles on topics related to women hygiene, puberty, and gender sensitization. I was also asked to be present in the sessions conducted by the organisation. The work included a wide range of activities.

GOOD THINGS: As the NGO was at its initial stage I had the opportunity to work directly with the founder of the organisation there were times when I had the chance to attend the board meeting. Also the fact that I did not have a strict formal dress code except for the time I was asked to attend a session. Also my seniors were a bit lenient so I did get work from home a few times.One thing I liked the most was that they asked my opinion at certain places this is something you don’t see everywhere that an intern’s opinion is given due consideration.

BAD THINGS:  The work I was assigned wasn’t well organised, also I had to do some work which was completely unrelated to my field of knowledge. There were times when I had to work some extra hours for the job that wasn’t mine. According to me the organisation lacks to create a work atmosphere


OVERALL EXPERIENCE:The overall experience was good. Even after being a 1st year student the work assigned was actually worth something. Also the organization was completely dedicated towards the cause also the founder Mrs.Resham Bam was very motivating. During the initial period of the internship there were times where I did a task wrong or wasn’t able to complete the given task on time however the seniors were really nice and helpful. I actually think that the internship helped me in increasing my confidence and I got to see the practical world.


STIPEND:No Stipend.