NAME, COLLEGE, YEAR OF STUDY: Ashutosh Rajput, 1 st year, Hidayatullah national lawUniversity, Raipur.

PLACE OF INTERNSHIP: Sr. Adv. Diwakar Sinha, Raipur District Court, Chhattisgarh

ADDRESS: RaipuraChowk Rd, Collectorate, Civil Lines, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492001

OFFICE ADDRESS: Shankar Nagar, Raipur.

DURATION:03.12.2019 to 29.12.2019 [3 weeks]

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: I got this internship from my sources, he being a family friend.

MAIN TASKS:   Pertaining to my 1st internship he only assigned me the task to observe the proceeding in the court and also made me analyse the then ongoing case proceeding through the case files. I visited the Rear Estate Regulatory authority too and that being only 100 meters far from the court itself, here I observe the proceeding and prior to this I with all the other interns were made to systematize the file, pictures and some other documents in place so as to reduce the ambiguity before the RERA.


GOOD THINGS:Sir has around 5 assistants who were really supportive and whenever sir argues before the court, the assistants made me understand the basis of the arguments just after his arguments gets end.


BAD THINGS:The procedure is usually carried in Hindi language which sometimes makes me hard to understand and I have to visit several court rooms without taking a rest and carrying the hefty file on one hand.


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: As the court works on the ground level unlike High Court and Supreme Court where majority of the cases arises out of the appeal thus, made me understand the ground level procedures. I would recommend every law students toatleast one time intern before the district court.