NAME, COLLEGE, YEAR OF STUDY: Kapil Devnani, 1st Year,Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur  


ADDRESS:   69/249 V.T. Road Mansarovar, Jaipur

DURATION: [4 weeks]

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:   In order to do an internship under Lexlife, one has to mail one’s CV a month before. Like in my case I applied on 8th April in order to gain the internship under Lexlife for the month of May and they accepted my Application on 10th April.

MAIN TASKS: It was an article writing internship in which one has to write around 4 articles on topics assigned by them in a month. They used to assign a time frame in which you have to submit your article and if in case it is selected then it will be published on their website.

GOOD THINGS:The best thing about this internship is that it enhances your research skills and everyone knows that how much crucial role does this skill plays in our profession (legal). One more important skill that will be enhanced by working under this organization is writing.

BAD THINGS:This internship provides very much autonomy to interns i.e., they are free to decide whether they have to write an article on the assigned topic or not and because of this many people misuse this internship opportunity for the only certificate. Like if you submit only 1 article then also you will be eligible to get a certificate.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE:My overall experience was quite good because I took this internship very seriously and tried to complete all the assigned tasks on time. Despite the fact that one can easily play bluff in this internship, if one uses this opportunity in the best way then he can expect the best results as well.