YHprum Legal (YHL) is founded by two motivated and young lawyers; Vaibhav Choudhary & Akanksha Rajpurohit, graduates of National Law School, Punjab, with a goal of providing quick solutions to legal issues and making legal services available to corporate houses, public sector undertakings, MSME , start-ups and individuals. “YHprum” means “Everything that can work will work”. It is “Murphy” spelled backwards. YHL is a full service law firm, committed to providing fast and result-oriented legal services to its clients nationally and internationally. YHL is dedicated to deliver speedy and economically feasible outcome for its clients. We religiously believe in pioneering the credo of triple S: “Synergies, Strategies, & Solutions” and have steadfast belief in transparency and ethical practice.

YHL recognizes the magnitude and importance of business strategies, innovations, and other legal aspects of an organization that play an essential role in the growth and success of a company and its business. Hence, when it comes to achieving goals for its clients, YHL does not follow the archaic set of rules that are not only conservative but also time consuming. YHL believes in breaking the glass ceiling and going the extra mile to obtain the best suited results for its clients.

We not only provide solutions for our clients; we create, we carve and we improvise them to achieve the desired results when needed. We flourish by not just practicing law verbatim but by growing and thriving upon challenges and new domains.




Abhimanyu Singh is a young, strategic and responsive academician and lawyer who is an expert in legal field having more than 6 years of experience in litigation, teaching and research. He had completed his bachelor’s in law B.A.LLB (Hons.) from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (NLU Patiala) and also holds a Master’s in Criminal Laws. He has cleared UGC-NET in Criminology and in Law. He specializes in laws related to Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal Justice Administration, Forensic Investigations, Cyber Crimes, Domestic violence, Family, Corporate, drafting & vetting of documents, Labour and Business Laws.

He is also the founder of ‘MANULEGAL’- An online web portal for legal news and events. He has numerous publications in reputed national and international journals and to his credit he is the author of two eminent books on Public International Law and Human Rights. Adding to his credit he has judged many national moot court competitions organised by prestigious universities across India. He has also worked as Assistant Professor of Law at ICFAI University. He is a well-recognized name in the legal academic fraternity. Moving towards making academics as his integral orientation he is pursuing Ph.D. in law on “Crimes against Juvenile in India” and is working towards a strapping mission of protecting juvenile against crimes and creating a safe and secure environment for them.



Even though known for appalling work hours, practice in criminal law is desired by all lawyers. However, very few make it as good criminal lawyers. However, India has millions of criminal lawyers and advocates practicing in various Sessions courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court. As soon as an advocatestarts to get orders in favour of his clients, his name spreads and practice begins to flourish. The major challenge to excel in criminal law litigation, however, is learning the skills of drafting and pleading. Learning the sections word by word does not really cut it. Neither does learning thousands of case laws, though, it is definitely helpful to be knowledgeable. If you want to be a good criminal lawyer, you have to learn a lot of basic ground work, from drafting good bail applications to handling the court registries. It takes immense skill to do good cross examinations or ensure that the right evidence goes on record with the correct context.

This course by ManuLegal&LEXAUXILIUM.COM will make you learn about the basic legal processes starting from lodging an FIR or a complaint in writing, arrest, bail and anticipatory bail and related drafting work, trial process, evidence and cross-examination to revision and appeal. This course is best for all the law students who want to learn and excel in criminal litigation and ideal for beginners in criminal law. Learning fast is a critical factor in moving ahead of your peers, and this course makes that possible.If you are not a lawyer but you frequently deal with criminal litigation as a part of your work, or you want to develop a better understanding of your own personal case, you will find this course very useful and helpful too.


  • Expert research methodology led training.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum, with case studies, Peer reviewed journals as a reference case for your methodology—PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Free E-Material which includes E-books also.
  • Q&A Support.
  • Reward for Good Performance in Test.


  • Law students who wish to make career in criminal law or practice as criminal lawyers.
  • Young criminal lawyers (0-3 years’ experience).
  • Any person who want to understand the criminal law system or deal with their own criminal cases better.


  • The course will providebasic practical knowledge in criminal litigation practice and procedure.
  • This course will provide a strong foundation for those who want to start their own practice, join a senior lawyer or pursue a career in criminal litigation.
  • We will not only provide you a theoretical study, but also practical lessons will be taught by our legal expert having experience in teaching, litigation and research.
  • You will get personal attention and coaching from the trainer, and get individual feedback on the quality of work you produce.
  • Those who perform well in class will be recommended to law firms for internships.
  • After completing the course, you will be able to carry out criminal law work competently and be at ease with procedural aspects of criminal law.


  • E-Study Material: Soft copy of the study material modules along with PPT’s will be mailed to you.

**Hard Copies can be provided on demand to the candidates by paying the printing and courier charges separately.

  • Practical Exercises: 2 practical exercises will be conducted followed by written feedback.
  • Live Online Classes: There will be a live video based online class conducted by the legal expert. You can ask questions and get personal feedback in this class.
  • Live Doubt Clearing: You can ask questions from the expert; get your doubt cleared live as well.


Course Material on each of the topics are carefully prepared by highly accomplished professionals in respective subjects with their lifetime experience to facilitate self-paced learning enabling the participants to enhance their understanding, critical thinking and reasoning so as to apply such knowledge & skills for better application of the concepts for improved professionalism.




  • Classification and Trial of ‘Offences’ under the Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Pre-Trial Procedure – FIR, Complaint and Investigation
  • Interacting with police and jail authorities
  • Service of summons
  • Cognizable and non-cognizable offences
  • Punishment for cognizable and non-cognizable offence
  • Bailable and non-bailable offence
  • Punishment for bailable and non-bailable offence
  • Difference between Summons and Warrants Cases
  • Difference between Magistrate Trials and Sessions Trials


  • Police case (registered through FIR) vs. Complaint case
  • How to draft a criminal complaint
  • How to lodge an FIR
  • Zero FIR
  • Which police station to lodge FIR in and what happens if you lodge in another police station?
  • Supply of relevant information and documents for Police to police commence an investigation
  • General diary record
  • An advantage of placing information on record through a general diary
  • How and where to file a cyber-complaint
  • Available options if police say no to registering an FIR
  • Investigative processes after FIR is filed
  • How to get an FIR quashed


  • The Process of Investigation
  • Arrest and bail in detail
  • Police custody and judicial custody
  • When does a trial commence?
  • Stages of trial
  • What is a charge? What are the contents of charge?
  • Process in Complaints Case
  • Commonly made drafting and filing related errors
  • Types of Work Done by a Criminal Lawyer


  • Conducting a trial in Court
  • Criminal cross examination techniques
  • Finding your feet in Tribunals
  • Handling Experts
  • Representing vulnerable persons and young offenders
  • Trial strategy and planning
  • Stay and Interim applications
  • Drafting skills and essential skills
  • Research methods


  • Case Management and Litigation Strategy
  • Tips for Building a Criminal practice: Billing, ethics, Business Development
  • Emerging Areas and New Career Opportunities in Criminal Litigation
  • Challenges faced by beginners when they start litigation
  • Ethics and Morals in practice
  • Doubt Clearing Session and Test



  • Top 5 performers of the course will get the Certificate of Merit.
  • Acts important from the point of view of Judicial Service Examination, Litigation and other competitive exams will be covered.
  • Live Classes on all days.
  • Lifetime Access to Study Material and Recording of the Lectures.
  • Certificate of completion to all the attendees certified by the law firm.


1.5 hours each day


10thAugust 2020


The Course will be for 30 days (15 days Live Lectures + 15 days of Doubt Solving) Online Sessions will be conducted by subject experts on different topics in month of August-September 2020. The Course comprises of 5 different modules. Online Sessions will be conducted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 1.5 hours each day from 4 pm onwards. Guest sessions will also be planned depending on the need. The participants will be provided reading materials for each module and they are expected to read the material before the online sessions. Also evaluations will be conducted on each Sunday.


Assignments will be given to the candidates on regular basis in the form of –

  • Group Discussions
  • Subjective Assignments
  • Peer marked Assignments



Actual Price: INR 1599/-

Offer Price: INR 1299/- for ONE MONTH


The organizers on the report and recommendation of the Course Co-coordinator can cancel the registration of a candidate and also debar them from examinations and further enrollment if he or she is found to be indulging in abusive, unruly behavior with the faculty or staff. Such behaviors will also include abusive mails, messages, phone calls or defamatory posts or blogs.



50% attendance is mandatory for award of Certificate of Completion of the course. There will be a time bound online examination based on MCQ for 100 marks on Wednesday, 9th September 2020 wherein the students are expected to score a minimum of 50% marks to get a passing certificate. Grade Pattern for certification – (A+ 90% and above, A 80% and above, B+ 70% and above, B 60% and above, C 50% and above).





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