Details of the Conference:

1.The conference is going to take place on 15th and 16th of August
2.The Executive Board Applications are open and the link is given below
3.The Conference consists of 4 committees :
i.United Nations Security Council:The committee is set on 27 April 1999 days before the        Kargil War.The Agenda of the Committee is ‘KASHMIR CRISIS.’The events after 27 April    1999 will not be taken into consideration.
ii.United Nations Human Rights Council: The committee’s agenda is ‘HONG-KONG                PROTESTS.’The committee will be discussing protests by the Hong-Kong people against    their government.
iii.Union of European Football Associations:The agenda for the committee is ‘EFFECTS OF COVID-19 on football and how the situation can be tackled.’The Agenda is quite clear and understandable itself.
iv.The Marvel Summit:The committee is set on 9 May 2024, year after the Avengers Endgame has occurred.The committee’s agenda is ‘PLANNING STEPS TO PREVENT A MAJOR OUTBREAK EVENT IN NEAR FUTURE.’