About the organization

Lawkaran Consultancy is a group of people who admin service Law students and the entrepreneur in the development and growth. It was founded by Aishwarya Priya Srivastava and Priti Trivedi and has been working for 3 years with the objective to be a meaningful assets for the society.


The event

The Lawkaran Consultancy brought to you The Law Student of the Year 2k20. This event consists 4 major competitions ( Quiz Competition, Debate, Article writing, and Argumentive writing skills) which will be held online so that every participant can participate. Every participant who achieve the place in any competition in this event with prize and certificate.

  • All competitions will be of 30-30 marks.
  • And the result of the winner will depend on the total marks of the participant.



To the objective of the event is to get a student who possess the skills like Legal research, writing skills, legal knowledge and speaking skills.



Every Law student who is 3 years course or 5 year course and possess in any year of the course can participate in this event.

Important dates and Registration details


  • Registration fee for the competitions is: 60/- per participant.
  • To participate in all competitions or in one of them, participant has to pay Rs. 60/- as an one time payment.
  • The last date of registration is 30th of September
  • Participant can register themselves with the following link



Payment Method


  • The payments for the event can be made on:6392 829 522@upi or +91 6392 829 522. The payments made on these payment IDs would only be accepted and rest all wouldn’t be considered ( Wallet payments from Paytm are also accepted).
  • All the payment methods are accepted like: Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe, or any other UPI payment methods.



Prizes will given to the-

  • The Law Student of the Year, Trophy for the participant who scores highest in total of all competitions.
  • Prizes for every winner in every competitions.
  • E – certificates of Merit for every participants holding any position.
  • E- certificate of Participation for every participant.


Our Team

This event is lead by the Conveyor Aruna Rawat and team.


Contact Details:

In case of any questions/queries regarding the competition feel free to Call or WhatsApp on:

Arun Kumar- +91 6392 829 522

Aruna Rawat- +91 8795207531

E-mail- lawkaranlegalservices@gmail.com