Why Briefcased?

briefCASED is a digital platform for every mind that intrigues legal proficiency. As judgements form a major part of the law it is of utmost importance that as a member of the legal fraternity we are aware of the essence of those judgements

that gives us our rights and acquaint us with our duties.

briefCASED aims to provide that very essence to everyone interested by providing summarized judgements that are precise, easy to understand and are 100% reliable, thus, making your work easier and efficient.

On our website, one can exclusively request a brief of their choice.

Our speciality in providing reliable case briefs is what makes this course even more exciting as the participants will be learning from the experts only. Through this course we aim to acquaint you with the art of making case briefs and other skills that are necessary for every member of the legal fraternity.


Why this course?

Case Brief making is an art and anyone can excel with continuous effort and practice. Case briefing is a traditional form of law review. The aim is to help students define the rules of law used in court cases and examine how courts critically and rationally apply certain rules of law to the facts of a case. Case briefing hones analytical skills and improves awareness of the role of courts in the definition, analysis and application of law.

Case brief are important as every legal professional comes across hundreds to thousands of judgements in their daily workings and readings lengthy judgements can be quite time consuming. Every member of the law fraternity should know how to write case briefs as it is one of the important tasks that helps in framing of effective pleadings while not wasting much time.

This course also focusses on other aspects that are quite necessary for a person, if he wants to succeed in legal world. The course aims at teaching the participant


about how to effectively and easily read lengthy judgements and how to research on the legal issues.

After this course you will be able to:

  1. Brief cases efficiently
  2. Read judgements quickly ad understand the essence of these judgements
  3. Understand the unknown aspects of legal research
  4. Write flawless legal articles



Course Details



  • Maximum Duration to complete the course: 2 weeks
  • Course Fees: Rs. 199/- link for registration- https://forms.gle/wtLNMymqucmqPujXA
  • Easy assignments.
  • Detailed Structure of Course will be provided after confirmation of registration
  • Course Material: Will be provided by


Course Structure

This course is divided into four modules which will be covered over the period of 2 weeks:

Throughout the course you will be guided by legal experts and professionals

  • Module 1 – Art of case briefing
  • Module 2 – Art of reading judgements
  • Module 3 – Legal research and methodology
  • Module 4 – How to analyse the landmark Judgements and how to write Legal articles.