Present economic climate wherein assets and businesses are extremely stressed and entities are exploring various avenues of funding, restructuring and sale. This is the need of the hour that we understand how corporate restructuring would take place after Covid-19. 
To help us understand the nuances of corporate world, we invite Adv. Pawan Jhabakh, Legal Counsel and Corporate Attorney practicing in Commercial law and Merger and Acquisition. He has a rich experience of 10 years in specializing in amalgamations, de-merger, capital reductions, buy-backs, acquisitions, buy-outs, etc. His expertise can be deduced from the fact that he was involved in drafting and editing of Ramaiya on Companies Act, 2013 Edition and “Mergers & Takovers” by Pandian & Sridharan, Fourth Edition.
The session would cover:
1- Various forms of corporate structuring.
2- Essential requirements and reasoning under law for such transactions.
3- Further Court schemes, Acquisitions, Business Transfer agreements, slump sale agreements, share purchase agreements.
Speaker- Adv. Pawan Jhabakh, Legal Counsel & Corporate Attorney, India 
Title – Corporate Restructuring under the Companies Act and Transactions through Private Contracts
Date-  5th August, 2020
Time – 5 P.M.
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