Legality Viability after conducting interviews of distinguished members of legal fraternity is proud to announce its seventh live webinar, in which participants will have the opportunity to interact with our renowned speaker and learn more about the topic at hand, that is *WEBINAR ON MENTAL HEALTH CARE LAWS 2017*  .
*Chaired By – Adv. Smeeksha Pandey* . 
Legal Practitioner at Hon’ble Supreme Court and Delhi High Court
The discussion will be on the following lines-
International Treaties on Mental Health 
Introduction of Law in India 
Definition of Mental Illness 
2013 Mentalcare act 
Salient Features of 2017 Act 
Date of the Webinar – 20th September 2020
Time – 17:00- 18:00
No Registration Fees
*E-Certificates will be provided to those participants who will fill the attendance form at the end of the session*                                        or